Transparent LED for NYC

See-thru LED: layer and vanish displays

Transparent LED system designs from Essay Video change the way that event producers and interior designers think about three-dimensional space. Systems are available for projects in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and more.

Transparent LED: NYC, LA, Miami

Essay Video now supplies a wide range of LED options for several markets, including NYC, Miami, LA, and other markets. A variety of systems are available, including ROE Vanish V8 LED Panels for events and activations. At 60% transparency, these LED panels enable creative applications of light and video. Installation designers can layer and curve these panels to create rich imaginative experiences.

V8 Transparent LED Panel System


Pixel Pitch: 8.9mm
LED Configuration: SMD 1515 Black
Max Brightness Calibrated: 2500nits
Panel Dimension: 1000 x 500 x 35mm (Power Box 100.7mm)
Panel Dimension (Imp): 39.4″ x 19.7″ x 1.4″ (Power Box 3.9″)
Panel Resolution (H x V):  112 x 56
Weight Per Panel: 6.5kg; 14.33lbs
Power Consumption Max/Average: 320W / 160W
BTU Max/Average: 1092 / 502

Transparency: 60%
Curving (Concave & Convex): Concave 15°~Convex 5°
Viewing Angle Vertical: 140°
Viewing Angle Horizontal: 160°
Multiplexing: 4
Refresh Rate: 6576Hz
Gray Scale: 16bit
IP Rating: Indoor
Certifications: CE, ETL, FCC

Transparent LED Events and Exhibitions

Transparent LED is amazing for events in which the backdrop is as impressive as the digital image. When creating an event for an amazing city like NYC, this is a powerful effect.

Event planners and exhibition designers in NYC are utilizing Essay Video’s Transparent LED technology to create unforgettable experiences. At product launches, transparent screens can float seemingly in mid-air, displaying crisp, engaging content that complements the product being unveiled. Museums and galleries can use these screens to add a new dimension to their exhibits, overlaying video content on physical displays without obscuring them.

Sally Lapointe NYC opening with Transparent LED by Essay

Sally LaPointe’s in-store display experience includes eight stand-alone transparent LED panels, each measuring 3 meters by 1 meter. The display shows animated stills which cycle through a programmed sequence.

Moving through the space creates an incredible impression. This is the power of transparent LED’s, to create spatial experiences that inhabit our real three-dimensional spaces.

Essay Video can provide these systems for art, design, events, and more.

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