Transparent LED for LA

Transparent LED system designs from Essay Video change the way that event producers and interior designers think about three-dimensional space. Systems are available for projects in Los Angeles and more.

Immersive Los Angeles: Transparent LED

In Los Angeles, a city famed for its innovation in entertainment, design, and technology, Essay Video is setting a new standard with their state-of-the-art Transparent LED solutions. This cutting-edge technology is changing the game in how visuals are integrated into spaces, combining the vibrant display capabilities of LED with a crystal-clear transparency that maintains the aesthetic integrity of any setting.

How Transparent LED Works

Traditional LED screens are made of dense arrays of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on a solid background. Transparent LED screens, on the other hand, use a sparse array of LEDs attached to a clear material. This spacing between the LEDs ensures that a significant portion of the screen is transparent.

Transparent LED is like a two-way mirror. When you are inside a lit-up transparent LED installation, you almost can’t see through it. The brightness of the LED panels causes it to become like a solid typical LED. But when the lights turn off or go to black, suddenly you can see through it again. All the while, those on the other side of the transparent LED can continue to see through.

Transparent LED for Art & Entertainment

Art installations and live performances in LA’s cultural venues are being reimagined with the help of Essay Video’s Transparent LED screens. Artists and performers can integrate these screens into their work, creating immersive environments that blend moving images with live action.

V8 Transparent LED Panel System


Pixel Pitch: 8.9mm
LED Configuration: SMD 1515 Black
Max Brightness Calibrated: 2500nits
Panel Dimension: 1000 x 500 x 35mm (Power Box 100.7mm)
Panel Dimension (Imp): 39.4″ x 19.7″ x 1.4″ (Power Box 3.9″)
Panel Resolution (H x V):  112 x 56
Weight Per Panel: 6.5kg; 14.33lbs
Power Consumption Max/Average: 320W / 160W
BTU Max/Average: 1092 / 502


Transparency: 60%
Curving (Concave & Convex): Concave 15°~Convex 5°
Viewing Angle Vertical: 140°
Viewing Angle Horizontal: 160°
Multiplexing: 4
Refresh Rate: 6576Hz
Gray Scale: 16bit
IP Rating: Indoor
Certifications: CE, ETL, FCC

One of the most exciting applications of Transparent LED technology lies in its potential for architectural integration. Buildings can could be outfitted with these screens, turning facades into dynamic canvases without sacrificing transparency or natural light. This could redefine the cityscape, turning static structures into ever-changing works of art that communicate, inform, and entertain.

The Magic of Transparent LED

Pictured here is a Los Angeles transparent LED system installed at Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive.

Essay Video has provided the transparent LED to a wide intersection of clients, including artists, fashion brands, museum installations, concert events, and more. The systems have great range of use and amazement for our clients.

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