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What’s the best Multicam Flypack camera system?

Essay OnDemand is our a unique large sensor Multi-Camera Production & Flypack experience with the latest technology, tied to lightweight, modular, rapid deployment packaging, while incorporating the finest cinematic production disciplines into the art that Essay is already routinely making on global Runways throughout the Fashion Industry.

Large Sensor Multi-camera

ESSAY Proprietary Technology • Small Fly-Packs or Truck Amenities • All Signals on a single piece of fiber • State-of-the-Art Comms • 4K Record/Playback • New and innovative cine workflow in a multi-camera broadcast environment • 2K / 4K / 6K / 8K … any Future K • Astounding cinematic imagery, captured 100% live • A dedicated team of expert technical specialists at your service.

Featuring Optics from Zeiss, Fujinon, Angenieux, Canon, Cooke.

“Absolutely stunning imagery every single time … that’s the only way I’ll have it!”

— Greg Fellows, Founder

Game Creek Truck Solutions

Essay is proud to partner with Game Creek in this production space. Over 70% of Game Creek’s fleet is 1080P capable and over 40% is 4K/HDR ready. An average fleet age of under 5 years combined with continued technical reinvestment has made that possible and allowed Game Creek to be ahead of the next generation of video and audio expectations.

Game Creek brings an experienced, innovative staff with the resume of the world’s largest and most technically demanding productions. With a sharp and targeted business focus, Game Creek is ready for the next wave of innovation in the media production industry.


A unique rack design allows a technology presentation that features the latest State-of-the-Art equipment every time, on every show. We customize based on job requirements and then, deliver in the most appropriate configuration, always utilizing the best technology.
Essay Video brings livestream video production to your shows and events. We help you plan and install multi-camera shoots with lighting, projections, streaming, and analytics to measure each event’s success.
Create the most stunning stages with projections, LED walls, seamless video, and new technologies.

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