Essay Video Works on the LVX Exhibition in LA

Luxurious LED wrapped visuals for Louis Vuitton X.

Essay Video recently worked with Louis Vuitton on their Louis Vuitton X Exhibition located in Beverly Hills, California.

The exhibition which launched in June was commissioned to commemorate the fashion house’s collaborations with various artists over the past 160 years.

Intricately planned and executed using high-end technologies, such as customized monitors and LED screens—we were able to make tangible the vision that Louis Vuitton conceptualized.

Within the building there are nine distinct rooms—each representing distinctive artwork and other objects from the fashion label’s archives. Throughout there are vibrantly colored displays to accentuate these archives, and to create an engaging experience.

Some of Essay Video’s contributions to the historical—and luxurious—installation include an LED wall showcasing the celebrities donning the designer label at various red-carpet events throughout the years. Moreover, we provided high-definition monitors that displayed live demos of the famed monogrammed bag being made. A particularly interesting component is the large 360-degree LED video wall that accompanies the luggage trunk encased with LED panels video-display.

With such positive response, Louis Vuitton decided to extend the exhibition until November 10th. Of all the projects we’ve worked on with Louis Vuitton—this is probably one of our favorite ones. It’s not only innovative but inspired as well!

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