Curved LED

Curved LED systems provide opportunities for compelling visuals in Miami, NYC, LA. Essay Video is providing solutions for Louis Vuitton.

Curved LED for Miami, LA, NYC

We’re excited to share some in-process footage of curved LED panels happening right now in Miami.  Essay Video is working with Louis Vuitton’s to further their visual exploration and create high-powered dynamic curvilinear LED visions happen that immerse and impress.

The possibilities of what we can do with LED have multiplied in recent years. Last year in 2021 we began offering our transparent LED systems for events and installations. These allow your displays to layer and disappear dynamically.

We also saw more artists and designers adding sculpted forms with LED and video. Bringing curved LED displays will further expand your creative capabilities.

Expanding into Flexible LED

In addition, to single-point curved LED as pictured in the video above, Essay Video is excited to add flexible LED.  With flexible LED products, you will begin to really be able to apply LED like fabric to sculpted armatures. As we add these new curving products to our LED product suite, we hope to match the expanding visions of our clients. This includes products such as the INFiLED convex and concave flexible LED solutions (pictured below).

Image of curving LED

These products allow for:

  • Convex & concave flexible solution
  • Screws free & magnetic cylinder installation
  • Front maintenance
  • Refresh rate up to 3840Hz
  • Stacking & hanging installation optional

These flexible panels with tighter curves can be used to create astounding visuals, jumping in and out of curves, forming to your armature or shroud to truly sculpt with LED displays.

Our calendar fills up quickly for these projects. To express interest, let us know your upcoming dates and project size so that that we can begin planning your next project.

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